The Epic Rogue-Like Shooter
built for VR

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SWARM 2 is an electrifying rogue-like shooter that builds upon the best parts of SWARM 1. With epic new environments, intoxicating rogue-like progression, and globally competitive leaderboards players will really feel like Spider-man with guns.

Picking up where SWARM 1 left off, you’ll play as Marv, the last surviving grapple commando. You’ll use your trusty pistol and grappling hook to battle back the Swarm and save Earth - with style! - while growing stronger and unraveling more of the story with each unique mission to the surface.

An entirely new roguelike progression system allows you to permanently upgrade your skills and choose among dozens of perks to find the winning combination.

Intense. Demanding. Exhilarating.

This is SWARM 2.

What The Critics are saying...

There are some things that only work in VR, and I think this is one of them.


The swinging mechanics are incredibly well designed. Feels exhilarating. The aesthetic is delightfully clean and vibrant.


Just played for a solid hour, I already love this game.
Probably tied for my #1 favorite. Such a blast.

La Casa De Huevos

I personally love it. I found the grappling to be incredibly fluid and easy to pick up. It felt like Spider-Man meets Galaga.


I will most definitely be buying this when it comes out. And suggest it alongside my other favorites when people ask what to play.


These are the best grapple mechanics I've played on the Quest. They're intuitive and fast.

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What The Critics are saying...

Will Turn You Into Spider-Man WITH GUNS!!!


[I]f you haven’t played a Swarm game, you are failing at VR.

Gaming nexus

An Adrenaline Spiking Sequel

XR Source

Taking everything that made the first one great and adding well-balanced roguelike mechanics on top of it is a combination made in heaven.

Xbox Era

Swarm 2 is just as addicting as its predecessor, if not more.

Virtual Strangers

[A] head-smashing, visceral and fast-paced battle in the skies.

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